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5 Things You Should Stop Doing (now)

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1. STOP lingering in front of the mirror naked

I’ve lost 50 lbs before and have seen/felt in my clothes—but I never saw it while looking in the mirror.

The mirror is the easiest place to forget how far you’ve come.

Unless you have a photographic memory or an iron clad sense of self esteem—quit standing in the mirror sucking in and out, clutching fat on your arms/stomach/or thighs.

Start looking in the mirror dressed in workout clothes before and after.  Less a look, more a murderous stare of fat melting intensity.

2. STOP weighing-in daily

It’s not a good idea for several reasons. I get it—we all want results and want to track our progress.

But this is hard work.

Motivation is inconsistent—as is your weight.  Track it too often, you’ll get discouraged (or worse).  Track it too little, you’ll fall back into default fatness.

Start a balanced method of tracking that includes measurements and accounting for increased muscle mass.  I like weekly weigh-ins.

3. STOP watching the Biggest Loser

It happened. I was channel surfing and I fell into that timesuck that is the Biggest Loser.  I even waited through a commercial break to see a weigh-in after the teasing cliffhanger (GASP!!)

When big dude frowned for only losing 5 lbs—I was reminded why the show is a scam.

Start doing one endurance workout per week (in addition to your routine) where you push yourself further than you did the week before.  Start with a 1,000 calorie workout.

No Jillian required.

4. STOP eating anything that’s disgusting

If you’re pinching your nose to swallow a helping of brussel sprouts—you’re doing it wrong. I know that this is subjective.

Some people eat plain salad.  I can’t/won’t. Some people love kimchi.  Notmi.  Eating disgusting food is just giving you a reason to quit.

Aside: Disgusting food could also mean overly processed “food”.  I’m finding that this stuff makes me feel disgusting—which is just as bad.

So your Lean Cuisine may have 150 calories, but that sodium might have you feeling bloated.  But if you love em, have at the diet food popsicles.

Start eating whatever you want within your calorie budget

5. STOP doing the same exercises

Well, if it’s your favorite, keep doing it.  But switch it up before your body gets used to it and you plateau.

I like the elliptical because I can get my heart rate up without putting too much stress on joints. I’ve added some stairclimber here and there—soon I’ll be walking the treadmill and hope to be jogging this spring.

Start by doing something new like strength training, an outdoor workout or participating in a class.  Here are some even better ideas.

What’s missing from this list?

PS.  Thanks for the great day yesterday.

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  1. These are seriously some fantastic things to STOP doing now. They will actually help you START living healthy. Love ‘em. Love ‘em!

    And congrats on your continuing weight loss. New follower here. Keep up the most excellent work.

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