The Best of January |

The Best of January


Trying to look tough.  I want to be taken seriously, you guys.

A month ago, many of us stared down the end of our champagne flutes—the string of our 2013 hat digging deeply into our double-chin—and we slurred some new promise to improve ourselves.

I’ve learned a lot this 1st month writing and reading others.

  • No matter where people are in the journey, a bad weigh-in always sucks.
  • People protect their diets like they do their religious or political affiliation—the diet becomes more than a diet–it becomes a badge.
  • Writers who have had incredible transformations often do a poor job including us new people in how they got there. He’s an exception.
  • Chia seeds are this year’s acai berry.
  • There is something about Friday that makes me want to consume a billion calories.

A Month in Review | January

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Weigh-in tomorrow…

31. January 2013 by chris
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  1. Look anymore serious! Your cheek bones are gonna pop out! Your doing a Great job! Keep up the hard work!!!

  2. I feel the same way about Fridays. If I can get through Friday night after work I’m set!

  3. Speedo Picts huh?! Of others? Just wondering which days to steer clear of your blog. Or were you just seeing who’s reading???

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