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My region got a season’s worth of snow within the last week.

For you northerners, you might see it as a dusting and wonder what all the hoopla is about—but the last two snowstorms have been pretty serious—as in you’re not leaving the house.

So I’ve made good choices—like shoveling snow regularly which always makes me think of the Rocky IV training montage.

But I’ve also been pretty weird with food while being locked up.

Exhibit A: Monday Night Pizza Party  Exhibit B: Tuesday Night Ben + Jerry’s

Like a teenager with the first credit card, I’ve been maxing out the calorie budget.

Call it regressing to childhood and eating fun food on a snow day.

Call it being bored and grazing in front of the fridge like a empty-nester.

Call it underestimating the roll of a routine.

I’m calling it a snowverreaction.

Not my best week.  But it’s 1 week out of 52 this year.

Patterns matter more than incidents.


Going for the “just released” look

I slid my Camry into a slushy parking spot at the gym and took 5000 steps in the right direction.

I’m in this for the long haul

27. February 2013 by chris
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  1. LOL – snowverreaction! Love it!!!

  2. Hi Chris! Love your portmanteau!

    We, in Milwaukee, actually had enough snow mess to have a school snow day. Teen daughter, who was supposed to have a test today, was thrilled.

    I also had a rough 3 days of eating, but I’m already back on track. Stop the slide as quickly as possible.

    :-) Marion

  3. Call it underestimating the roll of a routine.
    Patterns matter more than incidents.

    I love both of these sentences. So true. Thank you.

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