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Slippery Slope

Some fall off the wagon, and some slide off slowly.

I wouldn’t say I’m off the wagon— I still am holding on, being dragged behind, one hand clenched tightly on the tailgate, another around a glazed donut.

I’m still here.

I’ve hovered at about the same weight for over a month.  No (or little) gain, but definitely little loss.

It’s not a plateau.   More like a fatso.

Or fatso thinking.

I’m not beating myself up—really—but it’s no secret that I’ve been half-assing the effort recently.

  • I went from daily 5 am workouts to 3 workouts a week
  • I went from daily calorie budgeting (for a 70 day span) to weekdays only.

I had planned to be well below 300 lbs by now.  Ha. Plans.

More later…

16. April 2013 by chris
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  1. Hi Chris! Today is a new day–make it a good one. Make tomorrow a good one. And so on.

    Most of us who are more successful with fitness/weight loss had MANY trials-and-errors to become good at it. Operative word: errors. Learn something specific from your patterns and trends you just had and deal with each issue one at a time. You can do this. Be tough and persist.

    :-) Marion

  2. Here’s the bandwagon, jump back on. :)

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