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Please Excuse the Crazy

Last week’s weigh-in was +2 lbs.  I would have written about it, but my computer sat in disassembled pieces in my home office.

This past week I have become painter, carpenter, mason, and custodian.  We may move, we may not move.  A lot has to come together.

I had all the intentions of going to the gymnasium last night.  Instead I was working on my home’s brick facade in the rain.  It was 40s.  I should have gone to workout.  I went to bed.  “I’ll go in the morning,” I reasoned.

Slept past the alarm.

The house is the cleanest it’s ever been.  I want to put a bow on it.  A photographer is coming later to take pictures.  Nothing like a winter day in the middle of spring to take pictures.

In crazy of yesterday, I found myself craving a short stack of pancakes.  I wasn’t even hungry, I just wanted to eat a stack of pancakes—with butter and syrup.

I’m not a pancake guy really.  Or a sweets guy.  But something about being in the rain and being bitter at mother nature made me want to eat.

I didn’t though.  My thoughts went from considering the short stack to considering why I was considering the short stack.  Fat thinking.

In all of the work I’ve done around the house, I notice more strength + stamina.  That’s encouraging.  But getting on all fours is still a chore.

In terms of my fitness goals, I am still stuck. Not moving forward or backwards really. Other things are competing for priority and time.

If you’ve been there, how did you get through it?

23. April 2013 by chris
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  1. Hi Chris! Well, sounds very tiring what you’re doing. I was cleaning the attic yesterday, so I sort of relate.

    “Weight is lost in the kitchen, not in the gym” is so true. Eat the right calorie amount even when you don’t have time to go to the gym and you’ll be okay and keep losing weight.

    Do you food journal, Chris? Or are you too stubborn for that. Food journaling has helped me avoid a LOT of stupid eating ideas.

    When you go to the gym next, just have fun and start to develop some really happy feelings about fitness. I’d say just focus on gym fun versus gym results for you. :D

    :-) Marion

    • Marion you are very astute in knowing that I can be stubborn. But yes, I typically do journal via Myfitnesspal.

      Thanks a lot for the consistent encouragement on here.

  2. Way to not give into the pancakes!

    My advice is to set a goal for yourself and a reward when you hit that goal. What really got me going with a fitness routine last year was to put a dollar in a jar everytime I worked out. Then when I hit $50 I bought myself something fitness related. It really helped make it a routine.

    I also look for fitness DVDs that I can do a challenge with. Like Jillian’s Ripped in 30 or right now I’m doing Turbo Fire. These help with not having to come up with a workout.

    Good luck!

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