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Don’t be Alarmed

My wife and I have distinct alarms on our phones: mine is a guitar strumming, her’s sounds what can best be described as a slot machine counting a high score.

We have two alarms because we wake up at different times.  Me: 5:15am, her: 6:45am.

This morning I heard slot machines.

I left my phone in the other room. Missed my alarm.

It doesn’t mean I’ll be late to work, it does mean there’s no time for a morning workout.

So I have three options:

A) Apply one of my two Monday workouts to today  (I did cardio in the morning, weights in the evening)

B) Hit the gym after work.  I get the workout in, but might be too amped for early bedtime and thus not want to workout Wednesday morning.

C) Focus on my calorie intake and not worry about making workouts fit—even though I told myself I would workout daily this week.  Pick it up tomorrow.

What would you do?

30. April 2013 by chris
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  1. I’ll be completely honest here – my weight loss came from my diet, not my exercise. I am hoping you don’t “allow” yourself extra calories because you exercise, so if you don’t, then I’d just stick to your calories. If you do give yourself more calories because you work out, stop it. :)

    • I knew you’d be a sharpshooter! I typically do not intentionally allow more calories bc I worked out, but I have worked out extra when I’ve splurged a little more than normal on a couple occasions, also I sometimes find myself eating slightly more than I would have bc my appetite is greater. But it’s not a thing in my mind that says, “hey chris, you sweated for half an hour, why not enjoy this buffet!!?!?!?”

  2. Hi Chris! Rae is right. Losing weight is done in the kitchen. It doesn’t really matter if you make it to the gym or not–to lose the weight. So if you miss gym, make sure you eat the right amount of calories (meaning not many) and you’ll still do great.

    ;-) Marion

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