Chris Christie Got Weight Loss Surgery, Should You? |

Chris Christie Got Weight Loss Surgery, Should You?

A few months ago I wrote about whether or not Chris Christie should lose weight—and it’s now apparent that around that same time, the governor underwent weight-loss surgery.

Coincidence?  Ha, not likely.

Posturing for the presidency? Maybe.

Should you and I get it?  I won’t speak for you or the governor…

…but I won’t get weight loss surgery, though it is tempting

I see how people could and do get weight loss surgery.

Being fat sucks.  Dieting sucks.

If you could pay someone a few grand to put your body on weight loss autopilot despite some potential complications—why not do it?

A botched weight loss surgery that ends in infected death might not be any different than death from cardiac arrest after terrorizing a krispy kreme franchise—-right?

I have judged people who get weight loss surgery—and I still think anyone who has lost weight because of it should have an asterisk next to their 100 lbs lost cover stories.

But I’ve mellowed out in my weight-loss fundamentalism (partly because of my own struggles to see through personal goals).

I think Chris Christie should have melted fat the old school way—and I think he missed a leadership opportunity that could have inspired people (and won votes)—but whatever measures he’s taking to win the Republican nomination for president  be there for his family, I salute it with a libertarian dimissiveness ala “it’s his body, good for him and his family”.

But it doesn’t inspire me.  It doesn’t really help the greater cause of furthering an ideal of health in this nation.  It may play well on the coasts, but in middle America we want a little more grit.

My cynical mind tells me that a temporary plastic band shrinking a stomach only changes things temporarily.

But as someone who struggles with all of “this”, I’m not sure I can throw the stone I keep describing in my hand.


07. May 2013 by chris
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  1. He could have at least given it the ole’ college try, right? That disappoints me, really. It shows the leadership that it’s OK to take the easy route on the first try.

  2. Hi Chris! I think that Chris Christie needed to do something about his eating/weight and he did. Was it the very best choice? Maybe not, but it was certainly better than doing nothing about the problem.

    I was wondering how you were. :D

    :-) Marion

  3. I believe in putting in the effort to get healthy, I feel if you put in the effort and get healthier the hard way you will be able to maintain your fitness levels too :)

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