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7 Minute Workout

This article has been making the rounds lately.   Can you really get a good workout in 7 minutes?  Apparently you can.

My take is that this workout would suck terribly and that I would rather go 20-30 minutes and feel like I worked hard than go for 7 minutes and feel like I could go into cardiac arrest.

What do you think?

As for me: not anything new to report —  I’ve been going to gym and budgeting calories this week.  Feeling good.  Sleeping better.

House is still on the market.  Cleaning everyday is getting old—but the house always looks good.

Lame update I know—but breaking the silence.

15. May 2013 by chris
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  1. Hi Chris! Well, my weekend workouts are both about 2 1/2 hours each. I think a person gets out of it proportionately to what they put into it. That being said, if a person is only willing to workout for 7 minutes, this would be a well-balanced little workout.

    As a blogger quickly finds out, the blog is mainly for the blogger. So if you showed up and wrote a short post to be accountable, that is a good thing for you. At this point, *you* is who matters most on this blog. Keep up the good fight. :D

    :-) Marion

  2. Hi Chris! It’s me just hoping everything is going fine for you. Whether you blog or not, keep up your commitment to yourself, okay?

    :-) Marion

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